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Support Our Scholarship Program

Integrative Concepts, LLC launched a scholarship program to offer counseling services to those who desire holistic mental health wellness and are facing financial hardship. You can support the scholarship program via our online Bonfire Apparel store.


We offer an alternative approach to traditional mental health. While we incorporate traditional evidence based therapies, our focus utilizes expressive arts and somatic therapies which insurance companies may not cover.


We do not accept insurance due to our conviction of the client's right to choose the type and length of therapy they wish to pursue. When working with trauma it is imperative client's develop their own voice, this is one way we support their ability to do so. 


Additionally, we believe in the client's right to full privacy, when utilizing insurance you sacrifice your privacy to insurance companies and third party billers who access your files for billing purposes. 

We strive to offer an affordable sliding scale fee to all clients, however, life deals us some unexpected blows at times. This is where YOU can help others receive the care they desire.

Thank you for partnering with us to squash the stigma and normalize mental health wellness.

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