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Groups & Retreats

Current groups, workshops, and retreats are listed to the right. Start date in March 6, 2023 

All groups are $50 per 2 hour session, paid in full $450

Early Bird Discount $40/2 hr session paid in full $320 by February 20, 2023

Upcoming groups in May: 

Parenting Wheel and G-PEP

Becoming Embodied - Safely

Restorative Expression 

Expressive Arts online group offering education, support and processing related to symptoms of anxiety. Attendees can find safe, caring, and encouraging community support amongst peers and facilitator(s) within the comfort of their own homes. Attendees will learn how anxiety manifests in physical symptoms, self-regulation skills and engage in self-expressive activities to process emotions and gain insight utilizing basic art/craft supplies most of us have at home. No artistic ability required.

Limited to 12 participants 8 weeks Via: Zoom

Image by Bench Accounting

Grief Support Loss of Loved One

Psychoeducation and support group for adults to process grief and emotions through expressive art, while building connection and community with peers also experiencing grief and loss. Attendees will learn about "Continuing Bonds" approach to grief, explore the stages of grief, and how a healthy integration of grief/loss. Attendees will also learn how to care for themselves through identification of needs and self-advocacy. No artistic ability required. Basic art/craft supplies utilized.

Limited to 12 participants 8 weeks Via: Zoom

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Meeting Oneself

Psychoeducational and supportive group exclusively for women focused on developing self compassion, healthy inner dialogue, and self-image; empowering women to confidently embrace who they are and stop patterns of self-abandonment/sabotage in their careers and personal lives. Attendees will develop insight related to critical inner dialogue, replacing it with authentic, nurturing, compassionate self talk within a safe community. Attendees will process emotions around experiences that lead to critical self-talk through expressive arts activities utilizing basic art/craft items found at dollar store, Walmart or your favorite art/craft supplier.

Limited to 12 participants 8 weeks Via: Zoom

Image by Giulia Bertelli
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