EMDR & other practice updates!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

It's been a long while since my last post. I have been busy developing a holistic practice to meet your needs and serve you well.

First the practice updates:

I have moved! In April I began to inquire about art studio space available to begin offering expressive arts therapy. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the perfect space and collaboration with a local artist! The new location is inside Saving Grace Gallery & Gardens in Kendallville, Indiana off of ST RD 3. I am excited to begin seeing more clients in person at this new location!

Summer is upon us and I have new summer hours to accommodate busy lifestyles. I am in office 11am - 7:30pm Monday - Wednesday. I still offer telehealth on Thursdays from 9am - 6pm.

Recently I completed EMDR training and look forward to offering this service to clients. EMDR is one of only two approved therapies to treat trauma and PTSD by the World Health Organization. EMDR integrates beautifully with somatic and expressive arts therapies. Below is a great video that explains EMDR in an easy to understand and fun way. I would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding EMDR, email me with any questions you may have!

The Website has been updated to include a Resource page and Practitioner Referral page to support you on your holistic wellness journey while developing a collaborative care team. Both pages are currently under construction but I didn't want to wait to get the information to you, be sure to check back often for updates. You can check them out here: Resources & Practitioner Referral

Integrative Concepts, LLC released its first newsletter this month! It includes practice updates, event announcements, noteworthy news, and an expressive arts activity of the month. The newsletter lead to the creation of a private Facebook page where expressive creatives can join a restorative, supportive community that embraces self expression and encourages exploration. Message me if you would like to join the FB group for this month's activity and discussion. You can find June's newsletter below. To ensure you don't miss a month, sign up for the monthly newsletter when prompted on the website.

IC Newsletter 6-22-2021
Download PDF • 1.37MB

I can't wait to share more with you on a regular basis!

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you heal from trauma, please contact me for a free consultation today, by calling 260-449-0489.

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